Pure Orange Blossom Water

Pure Orange Blossom Water


Kanz is a line of natural and ethical Lebanese food products and artisanal crafts.

Kanz aims to revive Lebanon’s culinary and cultural narratives by empowering the custodians of our heritage: craftsmen and women. As a platform for job creation, Kanz pledges to transmit skills to Beit el Baraka’s families.

Every product tells the stories of these small-scale producers, their villages, their traditions, and their commitment to ensuring dignified living standards for their children.

Kanz brings together food, crafts, heritage, and traditions that weave our culture while focusing on practices with high social impact.

All proceeds from Kanz go to support Beit el Baraka’s mission to create jobs for dignity.



The earliest known evidence of distillation comes from a terracotta dating to 3000 B.C.. The production of the orange essence probably started when the alembic was invented by the Greeks and the Persians, but its production will be developed during the rule of the Umayyad caliphates, thirteen centuries ago. Using ancestral techniques, Kanz Orange Blossom Water, Mazaher, is produced by distilling handpicked flowers from orange trees. Petals are gently boiled in water, and the aromatic steam is captured and condensed to produce this exquisitely flavored liquid. Orange blossoms are distilled drop by drop in traditional stills to release their intense natural aroma and contains no additives or artificial flavors. Kanz Pure Orange Blossom Water adds a distinctive citrus-floral aroma and delicate fragrant taste to a variety of recipes. It is the main ingredient of the famous “Lebanese white coffee” made by adding one teaspoon of orange blossom water to a cup of boiling water. It is also a main ingredient of sugar syrup (qatr) that accompanies many Lebanese desserts.

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