Fleur de Sel

Fleur de Sel


Salt has been harvested on the Lebanese coast for millennia. Our fleur de sel was manually harvested from the salt ponds of Anfeh, the salt capital of Lebanon. Anfeh’s salt was originally harvested since the Phoenician period at the “Ras el-Mlelih”, the cap of salt pounds in Anfeh. It is an ecological, simple, and traditional technique that is an integral part of the Lebanese culinary heritage. Kanz’s fleur de sel brings this ancestral know-how to your home from the last active salt pounds of Lebanon.

This natural sea salt can be used as a healthy alternative for table salt with any cooked meal, vegetables, or baked goods, as well as garnish or condiment on candies, caramels, or other sweet items.

Net Weight: 200g

The Kanz line of fresh natural products is handcrafted by the women of rural Lebanon. It aims at recovering Lebanon’s culinary heritage while empowering rural communities. Kanz features collaborations with Lebanese star chefs, promoting the Lebanese “Mouneh” as a global first-class culinary art. All proceeds go to Beit el Baraka.

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