Our Story

Ever since the dawn of agriculture 12,000 years ago, the inhabitants of Lebanon have been engaging with their fertile land, producing a treasure (Kanz), the “Mouneh”. However, with the outbreak of the Civil War and its aftermath, agriculture has been facing a decline, undermining the country’s food sovereignty. 

Mouneh is the traditional process of preserving food in Lebanon and the Middle East. Women are key actors in the process of producing Mouneh, as they have been for millennia the custodians of this art, and the transmitters of culinary knowledge from one generation to another. 

With a mission of achieving scalable and lasting social change in Lebanon by pioneering a new agricultural ecosystem, Kanz partners with the women of rural Lebanon to rediscover Lebanese authentic terroir recipes, and to promote the Lebanese “Mouneh” as a global first-class culinary art. 

In every jar of Kanz, lies a treasure that carries the authentic flavours of a Lebanese village, bringing our culinary heritage closer to every Lebanese home around the world. With proceeds redirected to Beit el Baraka, savoring the artisanal crafts of Kanz contributes directly to empowering rural communities in Lebanon, and enhancing their livelihood, while supporting a country's journey in becoming a scalable economy.

Kanz supports the rebirth of Lebanon and its people by:

  • Directly empowering women in rural communities

  • Restoring a self-reliant agriculture & food system that expands the growth potential of Lebanese lands

  • Bridging Lebanon with a strong worldwide network of consumers, stakeholders and potential investors

  • Directing its profits to Beit el Baraka and supporting the NGO’s mission of improving the livelihood of Lebanese people