Chef Pierre Abi Hayla

Born in 1986, Pierre Abi Hayla is one of the youngest Chef Pâtissier in Lebanon with an immeasurable passion for chocolate. After completing his studies in Beirut alongside intensive trainings in the most prestigious pastry houses in the country, he joined LE VENDOME Intercontinental at the age of 21, where he was exposed for eight years to a wealth of knowledge from world-renowned European Chefs.
Eager to learn more about chocolate, Chef Pierre also travelled to Paris’ finest houses of chocolate where he mastered the art of chocolate making, starting at Le Nôtre Paris under the direction of Chefs Gilles Maisonneuve, Richard Ildevert and Christophe Rhedon. He also went through intensive training at the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de la Pâtisserie under the direction of world pastry champion Chef Marc Rivière and the executive pastry chef of Paris’ Potel et Chabot.
In Lebanon, Chef Pierre took part in numerous gastronomy weeks including “Semaine Tout Chocolat” with famous international Michelin-star chefs. At the beginning of 2015, he stepped down from LE VENDOME to pursue a dream; the time was ripe to open his own chocolate atelier. Partnering with his elder brother Pascal, he has since launched LE NOIR…