Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 250ml


Olive oil extraction originated in the Levant and Lebanon, home to one of the world’s oldest living olive trees. In Antiquity, Phoenicians introduced the culture of olive growing and olive oil production to the Mediterranean.
Kanz Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil is produced with the same ancestral methods, using the world’s oldest olives cultivars: Sourani (named after Sour/Tyre in Lebanon). The oil is cold-extracted to preserve its green fruitiness, which releases a refreshing aroma of grass and notes of almonds. It is high in polyphenols and is perfect for salads, pasta, hummus, Mezzé, or simply as a spread on bread.

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Kanz line of natural products is handmade by the women of Lebanon’s villages, featuring collaborations with Lebanese star chefs, with the mission of empowering rural communities by elevating the Lebanese mouneh to the world. All proceeds go to Beit el Baraka.


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