Dried Tomato Flakes

Dried Tomato Flakes


In a creative take on sundried tomatoes, Kanz kitchen pairs a global cuisine condiment with key elements of the Lebanese culinary heritage to propose our own dried tomato flakes with oil and thyme. Prepared by the women of Qaa el Rim, a village in the Beqaa, the dried tomato flakes with oil and thyme is a delicious condiment to go with your labneh or white cheese sandwich, over pizza, toast, or as a garnish to level up your dishes.

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The Kanz line of fresh natural products is handcrafted by the women of rural Lebanon. It aims at recovering Lebanon’s culinary heritage while empowering rural communities. Kanz features collaborations with Lebanese star chefs, promoting the Lebanese “Mouneh” as a global first-class culinary art. All proceeds go to Beit el Baraka.

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Weight 445 g

Qaa el Reem


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